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Alison Pratt Vernon

Artist’s Statement

I am a beginner to the world of paint, but not to the world of art.

From childhood, I wanted to be an artist. I majored in Fine Art in college and worked as a self-employed jeweler and glass artist for several years. In 1986, I began Handscapes Gallery in Beaufort, NC, as a way to display my work and the work of friends. I quickly realized that I had to either be the artist or the business person, so I became the business person.Over the years, the gallery grew to include the works of over 200 artists, in media ranging from jewelry to glass, to paintings and photography. I loved promoting other artists, and am very grateful for the 31 years I spent surrounded by such creativity.

However, I have always wanted to paint.  

I've painted a series of modern-day icons - women who, through their courage, dignity, perseverance, and wisdom, reach for a higher truth, and inspire us to do the same. I think it reminds us that ordinary people can make a difference. 

I have also been doing a series of paintings based on a trip to Tanzania. During that amazing experience, I was taken with the landscape, wildlife, and people. 
I paint almost every day and love it. My favorite subjects are people and animals, fascinated by their expressions and their personalities. 

I am excited to see where the journey takes me. 

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Doug Gilchrist

At only 8 years of age, Beaufort resident Doug Gilchrist began studying art, after school, with Miss Lessie Davis at 123 Front Street—back then it was a run down triplex, known as the Davis House. 

Doug received his BFA from UNC at Chapel Hill and a MFA from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, California. He has won juried art shows at the Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, the Mint Museum in Charlotte, the High Museum in Atlanta, the Gallery of Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, and the Riverside Art Museum in Riverside California. He has received recognition other museums and galleries including the North Carolina Museum of Art and the San Diego Museum of Art. 

In 1976, Doug became involved in video and TV production and produced music videos before MTV. He also worked for CNN in 1980, doing courtroom sketches and video for the Garwood trial that lasted over a year. Also in the 1980s, he began doing computer graphics and animation.
With Jay Conner, Doug produced a series of videos, “Carolina Seascapes,” available on DVD.

Jack Saylor

    North Carolina native Jack Saylor received his degree in art from Barton College in Wilson, North Carolina. Upon graduating he moved to Spain then Italy where he began his pursuits as an artist while also working as a product designer for Sarreid Ltd., a U.S. based high end home furnishings importer.
    Over the next 10 years Jack would travel back and forth between the U.S. and Europe working side by side with artists and artisans in their centuries old studios and workshops throughout Spain and Italy. During this time Jack became very knowledgeable in old world studio practices involving numerous art forms, techniques and materials passed down through generations of European master craftsmen. These practices were utilized in the creation of the products Jack was designing particularly in Florence Italy while at the same time he was continuing to further develop his painting skills incorporating much of the knowledge he was gaining in these workshops and studios.

    Living in Florence amongst some of the greatest art ever, created afforded Jack the opportunity to study intensely the art of Western, Southern and Northern Europe particularly the Italian Renaissance and Dutch 17th Century which remain sources he draws upon today. This rich artistic environment when combined with his intense concentration on the historically inspired objects he was designing, proved a perfect breeding ground for his development as a still life painter.

    In the early '90s Jack began to yearn for his own cultural heritage back in the U.S. and in 1995 he and his wife Ann, the great-great granddaughter of a sea captain, moved to the coast of their native state of North Carolina.   
    The sea, a lifelong passion and deeply powerful source for Jack, would now become his home and would provide a constant feed of inspiration that would inform his work in a way that would not be possible from a distance.
    Though Jack's works with oil on canvas, he also creates gold, silver and platinum metalpoint drawings.

Tracy Alvey Huley

Born in Memphis, Tennessee, Tracy grew up in Arlington, Virginia, with summers and weekends spent in Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay. As a child, she was constantly drawing and delighting her classmates with her “works of art.” 

Tracy received her formal art education at Yorktown HS (Art Honor Society) and at Radford College. After marriage to the love of her life, painting took a backseat to working and raising a family.  When she did return to her art, it was to classes with Mebane NC artist and instructor Jill Troutman, who introduced her to acrylic paint. She now uses both acrylic and oils – sometimes on the same piece. She continues to take the opportunity to study with other artists. Workshops with David Nance, Barbara Flowers, Mary Whyte, Angela Nesbit, Kate Worm, Mike Rooney, Jim Carson, and others have all influenced her art.
"Misty Morning"
Tracy is a member of the Alamance County Arts Council, Alamance Artisans, and Carteret County Arts Council.  

Her work can be seen in Graham, NC, in Picasso’s Gift Gallery (located at the Alamance County Arts Council), and in Beaufort, NC at the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery.
"Time to Move On"

"The subjects I choose are always figurative in nature whether the figure is human, animal or an inanimate form.  The flow of line, the value and intensity of colors that make a figure come to life, the play of lights and darks that either add drama or calmness to a painting, are all fleeting. I paint in the attempt to “get down” on canvas things that “speak” to me. A painting is successful for me when it captures the essence of what first inspired me to paint it."

Linda Sadler

Mixed media jewelry artist Linda Sadler is a Carteret County native and retired Public Health nurse. She loves learning and subscribes to the theory that “idle hands are the devil’s workshop.” This belief had lead her to explore many types of handwork and crafts over the years, finally leading to her passion—jewelry design.

Linda’s jewelry is a reflection of her love for family history, romance and vintage treasures with a little bling—all wrapped into one. She creates one-of-a-kind jewelry and enjoys reusing well-loved vintage items in her pieces. Her creations have a delicate romantic aesthetic.

A member of Carteret County Arts and Crafts Coalition, Linda’s jewelry has also been published in Jewelry Affaire magazine. She is also a published author, having co-authored Carteret County Postcards with Kevin Jenkins, and two other books.

Follow Linda on FACEBOOK and @idalouisejewelry on INSTAGRAM

Linda Werthwein

SPLASH 16x20 oil
Fascinated with wind and water, color, rhythm and light, Linda’s watercolors and oils personalize visions of life and spirit.

Living along the Atlantic and Caribbean shores strongly influences Linda’s painting. From East Carolina University, she received an MFA in painting and MAEd in Art Education. Her work is found in collections from ocean to ocean.

Emphasizing personal expression, Linda’s instruction extends from preschool level to university, professional, learning disabilities and maximum security inmates.  She offers classes for children and adults, including international workshops.

A native of NC, Linda’s residence and studio/gallery is in Beaufort, where wild horses run along the shores of the Atlantic. She returns regularly to the heart of the Caribbean. Look for Linda’s work at Mattie King Davis Gallery in Beaufort, Fine Art at Baxters in New Bern, the Little Art Gallery in Raleigh, and the Hermitage in Nevis, West Indies.

IMMERSE  10x30 oil
MARSH ISLANDS 8x20 watercolor
ESCAPE 8x32 diptych oil
Linda's WEBSITE  -  Linda's EMAIL

Joy Rave

Joy Rave is a native of Beaufort. Inspired by the beautiful views from her waterfront home, she began drawing at an early age. For years she had private lessons, with oil as her primary medium; at age 13, Joy won her first award.

Always searching for new avenues of expression, Joy spent time studying graphic arts, interior design, stained glass, and art history. 

After a sabbatical raising a family and traveling the country during her husband’s Army career, Joy found a new passion creating abstract works using alternative processes. With acrylics on canvas – she drips, pours, splashes, pools, and scrapes the surface – striving to capture emotions through brilliant color.


Donna Nysio

Beaufort Pirate Invasion Poster 2012
After graduating from Carnegie Mellon, there were other opportunities and responsibilities, but I "did art on the side." Now I’m able to devote full time to the study of painting and am a self-employed artist. 

I began with photo realism, because that opportunity knocked. I loved the challenge, but as I got more accomplished something was missing...

"Wooden Boats"
Finding a book at a yard sale changed my direction—a complete overhaul in my artistic focus—still realistic, but infused with brighter color and more brushwork.  Opening that book, I was greatly inspired by a painting by David Leffel. I had no idea who he was but had to find out. Three weeks later, I was attending a workshop at the Scottsdale Artist’s School in Scottsdale, AZ with David Leffel, Sherrie McGraw and Jacqueline Kamin, learning about abstract realism. 2014 was full of learning and experimentation with new products, theory, and putting some mileage on my brush.

"Barn Cows"
This shift to abstract realism seemed natural and even more real to me than photo realism. Photo realism depicts the objects realistically; abstract realism creates the reality of those objectsthe smell, touch and taste. The texture and quality of the brush strokes add immense impact over that of a purely representational image.

Originally from Providence, RI, Donna made Beaufort her home in 2007. 
Painted World - Painted World on Facebook

Fine Art Photographer – Mike Basher

Shackelford Banks
Having spent fifteen years of his photography career in the fast-paced advertising and editorial photography world, in the fall of 2014, Mike, his wife and two young sons decided to make Beaufort home.

Mike’s initial draw to photography began while taking a course in high school. Watching his first black and white image emerge on a sheet of silver paper under the dim glow of a safe light, he immediately fell in love. His first subjects were the trees and sky of his family’s nearly fifty acres of forest, nestled deep in the hills of upstate New York.

Cedar Island
Beaufort Inlet
Photography has taken Mike all over the globe, working with athletes and celebrities like
Carmelo Anthony, Andy Murray and Lindsey Vonn on projects for brands such as Under Armour, Reebok and The North Face. But since that day in the darkroom, he has been working on a side project–a collection of black and white images, all photographed and printed on true silver gelatin emulsions. Most made with a large format camera (à la Edward Weston and Ansel Adams), his sublime images carry a richness and detail that can’t be found in any other photographic process.

Carol Roop

Carol Roop moved to Beaufort in 2005 and realized quickly that she was surrounded by many talented artists. Having the desire to be an artist earlier in life she considered many options. 

After taking a stained glass class in 2007 though, she was hooked! Carol honed her talent through online classes and the tried and true method of trail and error. 
Carol now has a complete glass studio located just a few steps from her home. Carol also teaches classes occasionally to friends and family and is currently displayed at the Mattie King Gallery in Beaufort.

Rachel Croom

Born in Kinston, NC, Rachel Croom lived in Greenville for 8 years before being transferred to Morehead City. Two years later, she moved to Beaufort, quit her job and went sailing. She sailed professionally for 12 years, picking up a Captain’s license along the way. Rachel moved back to Beaufort in 1996.  

Rachel says, "I’ve always done something artistic, from watercolors to oils as a child, to pen and ink when I was sailing, and finally to jewelry."

Whenever possible, Rachel picks up ideas from architecture, nature, and different cultures. After visiting Bali and China, her designs became more influenced by the Orient. More ideas have evolved from trips to Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.


Heather Sink

Heather Sink was born and lived in the northern part of England. Later she worked and traveled around Europe where she met her husband Jerry in Greece.

Heather has always had a passion for the arts and taught art in the public schools for fifteen years. She now operates Craving Art Studio on Craven Street in Beaufort.

Galleries: Mattie King Art Gallery, River to the Sea Gallery and Craving Art Studio

Jimmy Craig Womble II

      Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC, Womble has been drawing most of his life. He began painting while a student at North Carolina State University where he switched from the engineering school to the school of design and graduated in 1995.  
      Womble was drawn to move to Morehead City in 2005; since then, he has not been at a loss for subject matter.  
      In a 2008 issue of Our State Magazine, Womble stated, "The subjects I love are all around. The port offers up its industrial geometry...'Down East' lies the deep water canals, marshes, and the contrast between nature at is most serene and the rusting work boats of generations of fishermen...but my
greatest inspiration has come from the various shipyards around the area...boats of all shapes, colors and sizes float in a sea of empty containers, rusted metal, chains, tarps, nets, welding tanks and sandblasters. 
      Forgotten things all around slowly succumb to the power of nature." Womble prefers to get away from densely populated areas, often heading to places like Radio Island, Atlantic, Marshallberg or Harkers Island, "trying to get as much of this stuff as I can before it's gone."

Anita Francis

A longtime painter and portrait artist, Francis began her new passionate adventure with book art. She is always on the search for old books and examines the textures of the pages and words for new ideas before cutting them.

"I find it an exciting challenge to explore a way to give a relinquished book a new life. The process of remodeling damaged and discarded books and their jackets into sculptural art pieces has developed over the past several years, stemming from my life-long practice of painting and of crafting objects of art by hand. Through the process of folding and the cutting away of parts of a book's pages, revealing its interior, the remaining fragments are still attached to the binding and brought through or around the piece allowing the book to be viewed inside-out."

Lisa Tuchek

Lisa at work...
Lisa Tuchek is a North Carolina native and a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BSN in nursing. After relocating from Nashville in 2007, Lisa has been a resident of Beaufort for almost 5 years.

Lisa studied with various Nashville, TN artists while living there for 12 years. She has developed a fun, colorful and unique style of painting that has become very popular in the area,  showing her work frequently at various events and numerous venues in North Carolina. Most of Lisa’s works are acrylic and mixed media paintings inspired by sea and shore creatures. Through the process of creating commissioned pieces, Lisa's work and subject matter are continually evolving.

Willie Baucom and Keith Lambert

Boone installation
Stoneware Clay Figure 
by Willie Baucom
"Pottery is available through events we attend around the state and directly from our studio. The actual pieces change regularly, so contact us if you are interested in any particular type of item. Pottery makes a great gift which can be enjoyed for generations!"

Sculpture by Keith Lambert
Pottery by Keith Lambert

Willie Baucom and Keith Lambert, married in 1990, both have a strong passion for sculpture, pottery, and painting. They have Master of Fine Arts Degrees from UNC Greensboro and have worked as visiting artists and teachers in the US and Europe