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Carol Roop

Carol Roop moved to Beaufort in 2005 and realized quickly that she was surrounded by many talented artists. Having the desire to be an artist earlier in life she considered many options. 

After taking a stained glass class in 2007 though, she was hooked! Carol honed her talent through online classes and the tried and true method of trail and error. 

Carol now has a complete glass studio located just a few steps from her home. Carol also teaches classes occasionally to friends and family and is currently displayed at the Mattie King Gallery in Beaufort.

Rachel Croom

Born in Kinston, NC, Rachel Croom lived in Greenville for 8 years before being transferred to Morehead City. Two years later, she moved to Beaufort, quit her job and went sailing. She sailed professionally for 12 years, picking up a Captain’s license along the way. Rachel moved back to Beaufort in 1996.

Rachel says, "I’ve always done something artistic, from watercolors to oils as a child, to pen and ink when I was sailing, and finally to jewelry."

Whenever possible, Rachel picks up ideas from architecture, nature, and different cultures. After visiting Bali and China, her designs became more influenced by the Orient. More ideas have evolved from trips to Guatemala, Honduras and Peru.


Sue Seamon

     Diverse subjects and techniques set Sue's art apart from the expected, with foreign travels in Italy and France adding other inspirations.
     Sue's work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and is included in many public and private collections. Her love of the sea is evident in current work at the Mattie King Gallery in Beaufort and Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro. Sue’s amusing grown-up picture book about dogs, Letters to Lucky, was published in 2008 and is being sold locally at specialty shops. 

EMAIL or call Sue (336) 869-7000  

Heather Sink

Heather Sink was born and lived in the northern part of England. Later she worked and traveled around Europe where she met her husband Jerry in Greece.

Heather has always had a passion for the arts and taught art in the public schools for fifteen years. She and Lisa Tuchek have opened Craving Art Studio on Craven Street in Beaufort.

Galleries: Mattie King Art Gallery, Handscapes, River to the Sea Gallery and Craving Art Studio

Jimmy Craig Womble II

      Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC, Womble has been drawing most of his life. He began painting while a student at North Carolina State University where he switched from the engineering school to the school of design and graduated in 1995.  
      Womble was drawn to move to Morehead City in 2005; since then, he has not been at a loss for subject matter.  
      In a 2008 issue of Our State Magazine, Womble stated, "The subjects I love are all around. The port offers up its industrial geometry...'Down East' lies the deep water canals, marshes, and the contrast between nature at is most serene and the rusting work boats of generations of fishermen...but my
greatest inspiration has come from the various shipyards around the area...boats of all shapes, colors and sizes float in a sea of empty containers, rusted metal, chains, tarps, nets, welding tanks and sandblasters. 
      Forgotten things all around slowly succumb to the power of nature." Womble prefers to get away from densely populated areas, often heading to places like Radio Island, Atlantic, Marshallberg or Harkers Island, "trying to get as much of this stuff as I can before it's gone." Womble has a studio on Live Oak Street in Beaufort.  

Anita Francis

A longtime painter and portrait artist, Francis began her new passionate adventure with book art. She is always on the search for old books and examines the textures of the pages and words for new ideas before cutting them.

"I find it an exciting challenge to explore a way to give a relinquished book a new life. The process of remodeling damaged and discarded books and their jackets into sculptural art pieces has developed over the past several years, stemming from my life-long practice of painting and of crafting objects of art by hand. Through the process of folding and the cutting away of parts of a book's pages, revealing its interior, the remaining fragments are still attached to the binding and brought through or around the piece allowing the book to be viewed inside-out."

Lisa Tuchek

Lisa at work...
Lisa Tuchek is a North Carolina native and a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill with a BSN in nursing. After relocating from Nashville in 2007, Lisa has been a resident of Beaufort for almost 5 years.

Lisa studied with various Nashville, TN artists while living there for 12 years. She has developed a fun, colorful and unique style of painting that has become very popular in the area,  showing her work frequently at various events and numerous venues in North Carolina. Most of Lisa’s works are acrylic and mixed media paintings inspired by sea and shore creatures. Through the process of creating commissioned pieces, Lisa's work and subject matter are continually evolving. She and Heather Sink have opened Craving Art Studio on Craven Street in Beaufort. 

Samples of Lisa's work

Remembering Paul Hee

Click image to view
Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro. 

Paul Hee 1927-2011
     Paul Hee, who critics and historians hailed as one of America's finest maritime artists, died Monday, Sept. 26, 2011 in Newport, N.C., after a bout with cancer. He was 84.
     A master of the luminescent style, Mr. Hee lived and painted in his Marsh Street studio in Beaufort, NC, where he retired after a life at sea.  
     His life-long love of the sea led him to pick up a brush and study art with Leo Stitsky of Fort Lauderdale School of Art. His oil paintings often sold before the paint dried on the canvas. MORE... 

 Three Centuries of Seafaring
The Maritime Art of PAUL HEE

Beaufort - NCMM, Scuttlebutt and Rocking Chair Book Store; Swansboro - Tidewater Gallery

Donna Robertson

     Donna began her art career in Kansas City in 1979. She moved to Wilmington, North Carolina in 1989 and currently lives in Beaufort, North Carolina.
     Until 2002, Donna worked almost exclusively in watercolor and collage. A non-credit course in the French impressionists led to an interest in oils, which is her current focus.
"There is a special quality to the light of coastal North Carolina. I happen to live at a site where the creek meets the Intracoastal Waterway and there is no end to the possibilities for painting that light. The water, the marshes and the light hold endless fascination for me, here and on the Outer Banks. I most enjoy painting them 'en pleine air.'"

Sculptor - Craig Gurganus

Craig was born in southern California, where he first spotted the outline of a fish in a surf board. In the 1980s, he began using recycled surf boards to create whimsical fish for the local businesses. Today, in his Pine Street studio - a former circa 1920 house and store - Craig uses foam surfboards to mold marvelous one-of-a-kind creatures.

Willie Baucom and Keith Lambert

Boone installation - More images on Facebook
Stoneware Clay Figure 
by Willie Baucom
"Pottery is available through events we attend around the state and directly from our studio. The actual pieces change regularly, so contact us if you are interested in any particular type of item. Pottery makes a great gift which can be enjoyed for generations!"

White Stone Sculpture
by Keith Lambert
Pottery by Keith Lambert

Willie Baucom and Keith Lambert, married in 1990, both have a strong passion for sculpture, pottery, and painting. They have Master of Fine Arts Degrees from UNC Greensboro and have worked as visiting artists and teachers in the US and Europe


Painter-Jenifer Crowell

Jenifer Crowell's art reflects her love of nature and people. Working with acrylics and watercolors, she creates colorful abstracts.

Jen's paintings are exhibited at the Artestry Hideaway, Tierra Fina and Spouter Inn Restaurant. 

Her whimsical greeting cards are available at Tierra Fina and Rocking Chair Bookstore. Tierra Fina also offers Jen's whimsical "Beaufort Map," matted or framed; the map is also offered as place mats and clocks. 

Jen has worked as a professional actress and silent clown - “SkyBlue.” She has also been a local tour-guide pirate - “Jump'in Jen.” Jen is an avid tennis player, poet and author of short stories. Beaufort-by-the-Sea—Journey Back in Time includes one of Jenifer’s illustrations. 

Like Jen on Facebook.

EMAIL or call Jen (252) 732-4129 

Work available at:
Tidewater Gallery
Tierra Fina (252) 504-2789

Oil Painter-Pene diMaio

diMaio’s oil paintings are brilliant with the layering of bold colors and wild textures that come together to create unique and eye catching pieces. A simple scene to the ordinary eye becomes a unique composition for Pene, triggering memories and impressions that channel into her art.

The artist participates in shows throughout the eastern United States. 

View more of Pene's work at:  
pene diMaio

Mary Cotter Hurst

"Journey Back in Time" - Etching for Beaufort-By-The-Sea
Mary Cotter Hurst is both an artist and the innkeeper of the Old Seaport Inn on Turner Street. Her printmaking studio, an old carriage house complete with an antique press dating back to the 1800’s, is 'tucked away' behind the Inn. Mary is an award-winning artist from Massachusetts who specializes in etchings, woodcuts, and oils.

Al Goellner

2010 BSC Mural Contest

After a noted career in advertising and graphic design, Al Goellner and his wife retired to Beaufort where he enjoys painting his unique maritime scenes.

Al was the 2000 Seafood Festival Artist and has been the featured artist at the Mattie King Davis Art Gallery

Al's Sycamore Studio is open by appointment.
 EMAIL Al Goellner

 or call 252-504-2988

Fine Art Photographer - Scott Taylor

"Cape Lookout Bight"

     Scott Taylor graduated from the University of Chapel Hill in 1978 followed by three years with a Chapel Hill newspaper. He then worked at the Duke Marine Lab in Beaufort and completed his career there as assistant director of communications in 2000. As a professional photographer, Scott's images of coastal North Carolina are included in several books, as well as in many local, state, regional and national magazines and galleries.

Work at Handscapes

 Studio-Gallery 252-728-0900 

Painter and Author - Mary Warshaw

"A Nesting Place" 11x14
Acrylic on Canvas
"Afternoon at the Boatshop"
Giclee Print
◄Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro, NC 
has the few originals available.

"I'm Home - Beaufort Waterfront and Meka II" 

There is no better way to portray Beaufort than from the sea—the same view boaters see today that ships’ captains, hundreds of years ago, saw when they sailed into port. Beaufort artist Mary Warshaw was inspired to include Meka II when she painted her view of the Beaufort waterfront. Built by Captain Horatio Sinbad, Meka II has been his home in Beaufort for three decades, where he and residents take pride in ongoing efforts to preserve the town's maritime heritage. When Sinbad first saw his ship portrayed in Warshaw’s painting, he reacted, “I feel as if I’m actually ON my ship in the painting and I’m arriving back into port after a long journey,” —pensively looking at the painting —“and I’m Home.”
Giclee prints of "I'm Home" are available:
 Handscapes Gallery (12x24 paper and 18x36 paper and canvas
and Scuttlebutt (9x18 paper)