Jimmy Craig Womble II

      Born and raised in Rocky Mount, NC, Womble has been drawing most of his life. He began painting while a student at North Carolina State University where he switched from the engineering school to the school of design and graduated in 1995.  
      Womble was drawn to move to Morehead City in 2005; since then, he has not been at a loss for subject matter.  
      In a 2008 issue of Our State Magazine, Womble stated, "The subjects I love are all around. The port offers up its industrial geometry...'Down East' lies the deep water canals, marshes, and the contrast between nature at is most serene and the rusting work boats of generations of fishermen...but my
greatest inspiration has come from the various shipyards around the area...boats of all shapes, colors and sizes float in a sea of empty containers, rusted metal, chains, tarps, nets, welding tanks and sandblasters. 
      Forgotten things all around slowly succumb to the power of nature." Womble prefers to get away from densely populated areas, often heading to places like Radio Island, Atlantic, Marshallberg or Harkers Island, "trying to get as much of this stuff as I can before it's gone." Womble has a studio on Live Oak Street in Beaufort.