Linda Werthwein

SPLASH 16x20 oil
Fascinated with wind and water, color, rhythm and light, Linda’s watercolors and oils personalize visions of life and spirit.

Living along the Atlantic and Caribbean shores strongly influences Linda’s painting. From East Carolina University, she received an MFA in painting and MAEd in Art Education. Her work is found in collections from ocean to ocean.

Emphasizing personal expression, Linda’s instruction extends from preschool level to university, professional, learning disabilities and maximum security inmates.  She offers classes for children and adults, including international workshops.

A native of NC, Linda’s residence and studio/gallery is in Beaufort, where wild horses run along the shores of the Atlantic. She returns regularly to the heart of the Caribbean. Look for Linda’s work at Mattie King Davis Gallery in Beaufort, Fine Art at Baxters in New Bern, the Little Art Gallery in Raleigh, and the Hermitage in Nevis, West Indies.

IMMERSE  10x30 oil
MARSH ISLANDS 8x20 watercolor
ESCAPE 8x32 diptych oil
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