Painter-Jenifer Crowell

Jenifer Crowell's art reflects her love of nature and people. Working with acrylics and watercolors, she creates colorful abstract painting.

Jen's paintings are exhibited at Tierra Fina and Spouter Inn Restaurant. 

At Tierra Fina (415 Front Street), you'll find Jen's whimsical greeting cards as well as her whimsical "Beaufort Map," matted or framed; the map is also offered as place mats and clocks. 

Jen has worked as a professional actress and silent clown - “SkyBlue.” She has also been a local tour-guide pirate - “Jump'in Jen.” Jen is an avid tennis player, poet and author of short stories. Beaufort-by-the-Sea—Journey Back in Time includes one of Jenifer’s illustrations. 

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EMAIL or call Jen (252) 732-4129 

Work available at:

Tierra Fina (252) 504-2789